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News? What news?

2008-08-28 18:35:22 by Rathanos

Haven't posted since the open house announcement. Was a good success... And got accepted into the animation program. That is sah-weet. It'll kick start me into practicing my drawing, animation and such concepts into Flash, maybe make some cool stuff.

Certainly stand better than my previous flash animations, that's for sure.

Hey, NGers:

The annual open house for the Pre-Animation program at Algonquin College, in Ottawa will be coming. The various students in the pre-animation program will be showing off their portfolios on that day, including little I! We will have foam core characters that are 8 feet tall and a bunch of artwork to show off. We'd love to have a big turn out. Critiques and opinions would be really helpful.

In addition, the Labyrinth store will be coming to our openhouse. The Labyrinth is a store in Toronto that sells all sorts of mangas, art books, how-to-draws and reference books for artists and art lovers. There will be a large selection you will get to peek at and purchase away.
You can check them out at

The date will be as follows: April 17th, 2008, 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM, in the Cafeteria Salons in Building D. If you can spare it, seeing lots of people would be sweet.

Email for more details. oric-from-2002-to-today-67527319

Man... 2002 was quite a year, quite a year. No, really, I'm a bit stumped at how to explain why I thought that looked anything like anime or manga which was making me learn this.

I like to think I improved.

Change of art style?

2007-10-15 21:22:25 by Rathanos

Seems a bit strange to think that I could, on a whim, decide to scrap the style I've been drawing in for 8 years now and change gears completely. To send my style right back around (like a record baby, right round, right round). But strange enough, I'm considering it now, mainly because I'm liking how the western style is looking when I draw it.

Comparison -> _images/comparison-757027.jpg

It's a dramatic change. Facial expressions is something that's always been a bit of a problem for me, it always looks flat and neutral... but then blam, curiosity and "cute" mingled into one, something I couldn't really pin down and still can't pin down in my typical style.

Mind you, I'm not so blind to think that my style isn't shining in the western style as well. But it's a lot less flat and I like it.


Finally updated my website

2007-10-07 15:49:16 by Rathanos

Not that I have this huge viewership or anything even close, but it's still worth to say my website's now updated. It's just a link portal right now to my various stuff, but I'll work something in there once I got something set.

New tablet

2007-08-04 11:05:22 by Rathanos

I recieved my Intuos 6x8 3 tablet just yesterday... it's huge compared to my 4x5 graphire 2.

Maybe this'll force me to have an excuse to actually reach into the huge piles of ideas I have for Flash stuff and get to work?